Fully owned by Erste Group Immorent AG, K1A Kft. is the investor of the Laurus project.

The loan and leasing portfolio of Erste Group Immorent is one of the three biggest in Central and Eastern and Southeast Europe, acting as an umbrella corporation for all real estate services that are provided by its affiliates in both regions, offering customers ‘one-stop servicing’ in the full spectrum of commercial, residential, and municipal real estate projects, including lending, leasing, investments, project development, construction and technical services, and infrastructure development. The new unit acts a central organisation boasting local know-how to provide a full range of real estate market services for real estate developers and enterprises as well as for state-owned entities and the municipal sector.

Erste Group Immorent AG employs 866 staff in Austria and eleven countries in Central and Eastern and Southeast Europe, managing a total of EUR 13 billion worth of leasing and lending portfolios. Erste Group Immorent AG is active in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Montenegro, and Poland.

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